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Welcome to Onecraft Publishing House

Connecting with Onecraft Publishing House leads you into a world where the mind and senses rule. At Onecraft, the life of your mind finds nourishment and company. From the Greek word, techne, art and technology both derive.
To identify and pursue the goals of work and life, you need to understand the subtle and complex conjunctions of symbol and meaning, of narrative and character. That's why literature and art are more important than ever. In publishing and book selling, Onecraft aspires to serve as a well from which the reader drinks to gain wisdom as well as enjoyment.
Onecraft is not for everyone. Our print runs are limited. Our contributors emerge organically, not through an indirect submission process. Our audience is selective. Our press does not settle for mediocrity. We publish, sell, and trade only the finest of fiction and poetry, as well as creative non-fiction and fine art. For the collector or the questing explorer, and for the evolving reader, Onecraft is the place to land in cyberspace.   
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